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Im considering getting a FMF Factory 4.1 titanium system for my '03. What has been peoples experiance with this system? Does anybody have it on their '03? What does it do to the powerband? How loud is it? What kind of workmanship quality is it? thanks for the help

I like mine. It's reasonably quiet, although I'm pretty sure it isn't 96db, probably more like 98, just guessing. It's a Ti4, which is basically identical to the Factory 4, and has the Power Bomb header. With the header, the system gives a wider, flatter power curve that is free of any odd soft spots or hits, just big inch, muscle car kind of power that's very strong overall, especially in the middle. Power gains on dyno tests usually show .75-1.5 hp gain at peak, but the real story is in how broad the curve becomes.

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