paddle tire for WR

Going out to the dunes in a couple weeks and i need a paddle.How many cups should i get for my WR 400?

2 and make tham double D's. It will make your bike look a lot better than you on it! :applause:

8 paddle cheng Shin. 34 bucks from Rocky Mountain. Worked great for my 98 WR400 adn now my wr450

I just got a 8 cup kings tire from cycle parts west for $34

tried it out in glamis this past Turkey day, tire worked way better than the

cheng shin. Hook's up better and its easy to install....wish skat track would step up to the plate and make that new intimidator tire in a 18" size :ride:

Eddie :applause:

my cheng shin sand pro 8 paddle works great.

I just ordered a kings tire paddle from thumper talk here. I'm planning to head to glamis for new years.

dont know if they make it anymore, but I prefer the Scat trak Viper. Has a stiffer sidewalls and such than the Kings better hook up IMO. I used an 8 paddle on my 450 too.

cool, i go with an 8 cup, thanx

you have 4 choices..

Kings turbo paddle in a 8 cup

Cheap shit chinese made in a 8 cup

AMS Sand Snake in a 10 cup a 120/100 instead of 110 will fit but just be a bit wider

last but not least have a custom made one by skat trak.. you send them a tire they buff it and cup it and send it back..

I chose option number 1.. 8 cup kings turbo paddle.. I will post up in a couple days what a COMPLETELY destroyed kings turbo paddle looks like too.. :applause:

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