best bike

im 16 about 5'10 about 200lbs i ride on trail/small tracks/backyard/powerline

what would be the best bike for me?

i was thinking any 250f what would be the best over all around bike for me?

WR250F is plenty of fun and a great trail bike! :applause:

You are only 16, you still have time to grow taller so don't worry about your height all that much at the moment. You will most likely grow a few more inches (taller :applause:) next year.

Saying that, you are the same height as my girl, she has a WR250F and doesn't have that much problems at all. It was a little high for her comfort as she was still learning but it doesn't bother her now. She is a lot lighter than you @ 120lbs, so you won't have any trobles at all.

The WR's are a great bike, they are quite soft in stock form, great for learner or someone stepping up.

I have been riding the 250 a lot lately, with a GYT-R Propower slip on muffler, Vortex ignition and JD jetting kit, The bike absolutely rips and is a ton of fun to ride. It doesn't take that much to unleash the beast!

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