HELP! (Spark Arrestor question)

I can't find the stamping that says usfs approved on a 2000 stock WR426 pipe. Can someone please tell me where they find the marking on their pipe? It is not anywhere in all the stamping on the wheel side of the muffler, where all the other writing is.



Sold my stock pipe so I can't check that. But I think it was on the end cap.

The stock WR silencer is not stamped USFS. The stamp on the stocker is a DOT EPA stamp which meets the 82dB requirement. Also, on the end of the spark arrestor section, there is a stamp which read "screen type". This is what makes the silencer a spark arrester. As long as the stocker is used in the original form (uncorked is ok) then the unit is a spark arrestor.

Now, getting an ignorant ranger to understand might be an exercise.


Never even though to look but couldn't find anything on mine either?!?! All I found was what looks like the yamaha part number (EP5-something...). I do remember rangers always wanting too see the stamp in the past though. Hmmm, probably not a big deal, its not like you can't see the screen in the pipe. Can't imagine the ranger needing a coat hanger to see that!!! Anyway, mines a stocker still (sad face), they still stamp aftermarket stuff don't they?? I don't really care about the noise, I just want to smile when the cops are inspecting the bike, I just love that feeling...later, Gary


'99 WR400 with CA plates...ooooh yeah!!!

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