Hey guys, sorry this is another "hi" thread but I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. To most of you I feel your pain I am also waiting patiently for my 2006 YZ450F and can't wait till' we can all talk about them. Peace.

IT sure seems like the bike to get right now :applause: You will have to post a ride report when you get it. If theres no snow that is. Here in alaska we have like a foot and a half and its pretty hard to ride cause i havent got studs yet. So i usually take a sled or quad :ride:

Dude the biek absolutely rips!!! I ride 4 times a week both off road and moto. It just feels like a new breed of bike. I rode the rmz and crf both for 06 before I chanced it and bought my 06 450. It was a gamble but I think I made the right decision. But it helps if you stop thinking about you bike never mind keep daydreaming.

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