450 mod Complete--Quick question

I just finished my cam mod, and everyone was right..its amazing. I also did the BK mod in a few minutes..WOW throttle response..

Thanks to everyone that gave my input, and to those who posted before (which I found in my searches)

My Question-- When I completed my mod, the motor seems to have some new engine noise. Anyone else experience this? My riding buddy, he rides a KTM and has extensive 4-stroke history, says it seems normal to him and that my bike was always too quite with engine noise.

Should I worry about anything?

Many guys notice engine noise after doing the cam mod. I think (and others on this site do as well) that part of the noise is that we never listened that closely to the engine before.

Did you double check your clearances and install new shims? If you have already addressed the clearances then it could be that you are just listening more to the engine.

After complete install I double-double checked clearances, and they were still in spec. All of my valves were tight, so they are probalbly just noisier since they are looser. My buddy swears its okay noise, so off to ride I'll go.. Thaks for the reply

Noise from the head/valvetrain area? Or could it be clutch chatter?

mostly valve head area..small tick and whine...

a whine, huh?

what did you torqu the cam cap bolts to?

You might also be more sensitive to noises now (like RD73 said) since doing the conversion. These are some noisy motors.

The whine might possibly be a byproduct of the very slight pitch mismatch that exists between the 426 chain and the 450 sprocket, but that's just speculation.

Don't let that worry you, though. There are hundreds of these mods running around out there with zillions of total hours without any problem.

thanks YODA, i mean grayracer...It made what I call a whine before when I first got it (it is my first thumper) I rode it today and it was the greatest thing that I could ever do for my bike

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