My '06 thoughts so far

This is not a ride report because I have not yet even cranked my bike. I just got it home yesterday and I began to tear into it to install a few goodies and to fill that sucker with grease.

This bike is not as easy to work on as previous years. I have never owned a Honda or other bike with twin spars around teh carb, but the previous YZ frame gave a lot of open space to work with around the carb and valve cover. I think this time they started with a carburetor and then built a motorcycle around it. Getting to the main will be easy and the needle won't be impossible, but not as easy as before. I installed a hot start nut from ZipTY (mine broke on my '04 and ruined my day) and it was a chore to get to the carb at an angle that I could work with it. Getting to the cables and /or removing the carb is much more difficult than before. Checking the valves will take a lot more wrench turning than before due to the frame design.

The steering stem nut does not take a 30mm socket as in years past. It looks to be a 32mm, but I will make sure tomorrow when I buy a new socket to fit it. The linkage and swingarm have very little grease in them. They do not have the yellow plastic lube as in years past, but they are very short on grease. It would be a good idea for anyone to get some grease to those areas as soon as possible especially if you are an off road rider that goes through the muck a lot.

The radiators are much thinner than my '04 and look like they would be a lot lighter. Oil changes will still require to drop two drain bolts. Oil changes will be simplified, in my mind, due to the new engine design.

Anyway, just thought I would share what I have found so far. I am having a blast getting this thing ready to rip on. Ok...break is over...I am back to stuffing grease.

Good info. I anxiously await a ride report.

Just got my bike in Colorado tonight also. Found a couple other things people have been asking about, but may already know.

Steering head bolt is a 32mm. Wheels will change over between 02-06 bikes. The spaces are the same width, just look different. I was going to change to last years (05) RG3 triple clamps, but the forks are slightly wider (2mm+). Wasn't sure I wanted to change them. Two mm isn't much difference, but could be enough to create some problems if I force them to fit. Guess I'll wait to see if RG3 list the same clamps or requires different clamps.

It will require different clamps. I wouldn't try to force it.


Is there any way you could post some good pics of the carb area and radiators and anything else you can think of.

Thanks a bunch!

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