yes won the auction!!!

well guys i got me a WR 400 with 426 bore now so i'll be on here now with you dirtbikers instead of in the quad forums. see ya around

congrats on the new bike, bet ya cant wait to get out and rip that thing. Cya Stinson

Ride it like you stole it!!

Give us a link to the auction so we can see what you got!!

bet ya cant wait to get out and rip that thing.

well i actually just got done riding it around the block a few times. i work with the guy that put it on E-Bay and he didn't tell me he was gonna put it on there.

anyone race their wr400? i want to take it to the local track and the origonal owner said that it handles like a tank. Hes a good 8" taller than me and 80#'s heavier. i'm 5'6" and 200#'s. is there even a class for it?

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