locking up crank when doing valve adjust..

Is there any way to lock up the crank when doing valve adjustments ??

I just did my first adjustment on my 01 426 and that was my only concern when working on it...

Why lock the crank up?

So you dont lose your timing mark??

Shouldn't be a problem, just turn it back to the mark if it goes off of it. I always leave my t-handle on the nut and notice the position on the t handle. If the motor turns, I turn it back.

I had an idea of an aluminum threaded rod ,with a piece of rubber on the end which would press up against the rotor and hold it still whilst working on it..

Threaded into the timing mark sight hole and pressed up against the rotor...

( just kinda thikin out loud)... I did my first valve adjust this weekend, and it seemed like there would be a way to hold it still....

It just really isn't necessary. :applause:

Is it normal for lots of oil to pour out of the hole (bolt to turn crank)?

If the engine has not been run in a couple of days, yes... all of your oil is in the crankcase.

If the engine has been run within the last few hours, most of the oil will be in the frame and very little (or none) will come out of the hole.

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