flywheel puller wrf400 99

G'day, has anyone had any experience with flywheel pullers? i just bought one designed for the 400 and it dosnt work, the flywheel does not have the 17mm thread to screw the tool into

does anyone know what the tool looks like?

or has anyone made one themselves or have any ideas on how to get the flywheel off?

cheers - Brett

If you can wait till this evening (PST), I'll put up a pic of the puller.

You need one with 3 bolts that thread into the holes in the flywheel and a 4th one that presses against the center bolt. I just brought mine to the yamaha shop and let them take it off. You can probably get one at the local autoparts store for like $15.

no worries, thanks for that.

went to the dealer today, they want $300 for a yamaha one, $85 for an aftermarket, i bought some jaw type ones for $15 and they didnt work :applause:

how hard is it? i was pulling pretty hard?

i need that type i reckon, the one with the three bolts

I paid about US$15 a couple of years ago. Like everything else, the right tool for the job makes life so much simpler - not surprisingly it just pops off with this tool. Have you tried ordering it from the US? Even with shipping it may work out cheaper.

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