Steering Stabilizer..which brand?

Ok. Now that I have my '06 all broken in and ALL the free mods done, it's time for me to purchase a steering stabilizer. I need some input because I have never owned one. I know they work great and seem to be worth the money, but I want to hear from everyone what brand they are using, best price, do's and don'ts, etc.. Thanks!


I use a scott stabilizer and won't ride without one. I think scotts offers the most tunability. Both low speed and high speed adjustments. (the speed refers to the movement of the handlebars not the speed of the bike). It is what the pro-desert racers use.


Can You still use the same dampner somehow without replacing our triple clamps

Do a search on steering dampers, as there is much pre-existing useful info available on this topic.

Can You still use the same dampner somehow without replacing our triple clamps

Yes, Scotts sells a top handlebar clamp that works well. I have one on my 90 YZWR. The only time you have to change top triple clamp is if you want fat bars and can't replace the handlebar perches cause they're cast as part of the triple...

Spend the extra cash and get the SUB mount. I've had both and the SUB is the best IMO...SC

gpr submount. scotts and gpr are both awesome. cant go wrong with either one. i went gpr, one less thing i have to dial in.

moach 1, Can I pm you about your ca. plate?

ya, i will try to help you

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