I need you helpp guys

so im in kind of a pickle i have been a yamaha guy all my life and i cant decide what to do. i was going to pick up one of the yellow 450s but a friend of mine who works at a suzuki dealer said he would give me an 06 rmz 450 for 600 off the price witch would make it 5800. i cant decide because love the yamaha's give me some advice let me know what you would do

thanks guys

go with what you love, man!

I rode a 05 RMZ 450 and it TURNS really really well, however it also vibrated like crazy - much more than the 03 yz450f and 05 crf450 i rode that same day. The new yz450, with a new front tire and proper set up, should turn well also.

The good thing is that you really CANT get a "bad" 450 this year, once you get past the internet rumors :applause:

go with what you love, man!

The good thing is that you really CANT get a "bad" 450 this year, once you get past the internet rumors :applause:

I agree, they're all good in 2006! $5800 is a great price for thr RMZ. What's your OTD for the YZF? If you've been a Yamaha guy forever & can wait I'd get the YZF. I'd rate the YZF/CRF 1 and 1a in no particular order, RMZ 2nd, KXF 3rd and KTM 4th.

Where in NY are you? I was up near Syracuse over the holiday & it didn't look like there was going to be any riding (save for mud/snow scrambles) until spring!

The RMZ has a manual cam chain tensioner, and needs adjusting frequently.

That's enough to make me turn away right there.

I would not buy the RMZ or the KXF until they make them a 5 speed. When they do, I am afraid it will destroy the value of the current year machine.

Go for what you want, unless you really can't afford it . . . at least I would be happier in the long run if I did that.

Sometimes you get what you pay for. I don't care if the Suzuki was a $1000 less than a YZF, I would still buy the YZF.

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