Maxxis tires or something else

Red Cone is rocky and High altitude. It usually has snow until July! Didnt see any snow in your pics. :ride:

Where else did you ride in Colorado? :applause:

My trip was the end of August.. It snowed (flurried) on us while we were up there, but no sticking snow.

I only rode two days while I was there for the week. My fiance and I drove out, so the vacation wasn't a "dirt bike" vacation. :p I had to do things with her too.

We also rode on some of the trails in the Pike national forest on the second day. More rocks, loose rocks, etc.... I always enjoy the scenery out there, but I really like riding on dirt a lot better than rocks. :p

A friend of mine and I are considering doing a portion of the Trans America trail next summer though.


Thats crazy, I'm in Evansville too. I'm just north of the airport. I like a mix of trails and MX too. There isn't that many great places to ride around here, so most of the time we go to Casey, IL and ride. Let me know if you guys plan something.


I live just south of the Airport by Hamilton's golf course. We do need to hook up and ride soon. I see you also have a 426. An 02 I believe. I wouldn't mind talking with you sometime about some of the Mods you have done to your bike. My 00 426 is 100% stock other than the tires and gearing. I have never been to Casey but have heard good things about it. I hear there are plenty of trails and MX there - which is the best of both worlds. I have been riding in Poole KY, @ Echo Valley MX and have raced in a few local Harescrambles and Grand Prix's. I mainly ride for fun. My name is Ralph David and my # is 305-2388. Drop me a line the next time you are heading out and maybe we can hook-up. I know with the Weather turning colder and the holiday's coming up, it is going to be hard to get out and ride. Although this is a good time of year to buy some goodies and get some much needed work/maintenance done for spring.

How do you like your rekluse clutch? I am very interested in seeing how they work and handle. By they way, I tried to send you a PM and it said something about your storage being full.


Ralph David


I'll give you a call next time we go. I'm getting ready for new valves on my 426, I'm gonna throw some in my fiancee's 250F too. I'm also sending my suspension out for a revalve over the winter. Casey has some nice loops in the woods, they put on a really nice Grand Prix and Hare Scramble too. I didn't get a chance to race MX at Casey this year, but I probably will next year. I broke my fibula at Poole 2 years ago, I don't go there very often. I really liked Motorhead Park and I used to be there darn near every Sunday, but they closed. I live just behind the Hornets Nest in Breckenridge subdivision, maybe we can go have a beer sometime? I'll clean out my inbox, go a head with the PM's.

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