Oil sight tube for BRP

It is my understanding that the oil pressure on the 650 would not exceed 60 psi. So what I am thinking on doing is cutting a piece out of my oil delivery line and splicing in a piece of translucent hydraulic hose. To me this would seem to be an easier solution to drilling holes in my frame and am wondering if anyone has gone this route?

THis was just discussed on the yahoo forum...will not work. That tube will always be full as it is returning oil to the reservoir constantly. If its not full...your oil pump is shot and you are up shat creek.

I guess with the engine off the oil would just drain down the line back into the motor not really giving a correct reading at all

Drill the holes it's worth it. I rode 270 miles offroad last Sat. I really like looking down, and being able to check the level. It's a good piece of mind. I've seen a few blow the countershaft seals. I now can keep an eye on the level before it's too late.

How do you drill the holes without getting metal into the oil supply of the engine? I could see doing this on a loose frame laying on a bench, where you can flush it out properly. How do you do this on bike?

You use grease on the bits and taps. I also have someone hold a vaccum next to the drill, to suck out as much as possible . The frame has a screen at the bottom of it. I pull that out and remove any small shavings . They I run a few qt.s of cheap oil to flush the frame out . Put the screen back in ,run it and change the oil. I've done it to a few 650's , it works well.

The bottom banjo bolt and big nut comes out at the bottom of the frame (where the oil tube is) and you can flush the frame. Drill, then tap the frame and the flush it all out the bottom. I used deisel to flush it.

Does anyone make the sight level for an XR600? Would the 650 kit work with different placement of the holes and tube?

Jim, you seem like a good guy to know....any chance you're in Northern CA?

I'm in So. Ca. but will help if I can

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