spark up!


i kicked the bike to oblivion & had no joy. this was after the new plug, change of air filter & the cleaned carb. i borrowed my mates ignition box & the bike tried to run three times. that was in my opinion the first time it had tried to run. i touched the throttle & yes you can guess it-there was NO CHANCE, not even a glimmer of hope.

so i swopped boxes back (so mike could get home). dried the plug over the cooker & still got nothing as a spark, tried the 'old' plug which had sat on the shelf all black & sooted. no spark.

tried a ducati plug, lovely spark! sooooo! i presume at this point that it's these ******* little plugs mucking me about.

i probably needn't have tried another ignition, i should have just blamed the plugs. so i broke an old house rule with the old plug; i wire brushed it with a proper plug brush & tra la! what a spark!

in goes the plug. one kick, i said one ******* kick & she just sat there chugging away as if to say what's the problem! bastard!

runs beautifully, doesn't miss a beat. goes like stink, one month old fuel & all.

which thing put it right? i don't know. recommend the plug brush though!



Good to know that it was nothing major Taffy,

Happy New Year!!

I'll second that,

Happy New Year Taffy!!!

Good to see you are ****** up and ***** running. :D:):D:D Cheers!

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