XR650L: Do they make a 12 or 13 tooth...

XR650L: Do they make a 12 or 13 tooth front sprocket - the stock is 15 and I have a 14 on there now - but if they do mak'em, where can I get them, Thanks

\i have not seen one, but doesn't mean much. Would it not be better to increase the size of your rear sprocket? I know when I put on my 14 tooth front sprocket it didnt leave my stock chain much room to stretch out.

You might want to think about a 48 rear spkt. instead of going even smaller on the front. I have a 14/48 set on my L now and it's as close to perfect as it's going to get.

go with a larger rear sprocket as well ... its harder on a chain to turn tighter around a smaller countershaft sprocket .. :applause:

13T avail. from, oh crap, sunstar? sprocket specialists? JT? Ordered my last one from the bike shop.

You have to order one for a later model XR600R (has more splines, like the XR650L)


12 or 13 would be scrunching up a 520 pretty tight.. Work on the rear

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