Acerbis seat tank for L model

I'm planning a looong trip in a 2000 XR650L, mostly light riding in dirt.

What mileage I can get with a Clarke or Acerbis 4 gallon tank?

Does the acerbis tank that go under the seat fit the L model???

Which tire would you recommend and what mileage I can expect from them?


I ride a 2005 XR650L with the Clark 4.7gal tank. I have stock everything pertaining to the engine, except for a FMF Q-pipe. With that i get approximately 40-50 miles to the gallon. I normally refill after 150 miles to stay on the safe side.

As for the fit, this Clark tank fits perfectly. Although i am planning on fabricating some brackets to support the tanks side-to-side wobble, by connecting small pieces of metal from the tank to the stock air shroud brackets. Details including pictures on the fabrication of the support brackets can be found at:

Good Luck

Here's what I did...


Or you could try this:


That Acerbis underseat tank is for the XRR model only, will not work with the L.

I have the Clarke 4.7 gallon tank and have gotten close to 200 miles on it before but like the other guy said, I'd be looking at filling up at 150 miles to be safe.

You could also look into adding a secondary tank like the Acerbis rear aux tank for $81 ( part # 257-1609-06 )

from Chaparral Motorsports or one of these

For tires you can't go wrong with Dunlop D606's. I usually get about 2700-3500 miles out of the rear and 4000 -5000 out of the front. Pirelli MT21's are another great option.

I usually go 140 miles before I hit reserve on my IMS 4 gallon. Acerbis makes a 5 gallon tank. I think its only available in white. I was thinking about getting one because the white IMS tanks turn tan after a few years.

My clark four gallon gets me about 150mi. before I switch to reserve. Treadmarks looks like he has the best answer to the tank suports. What is that you used exactly? Looks like turnbuckle or something. Thinkin of doin one of those lights but start with a halogen with high and low. Put my new mikuni flat slide on but havent gottin to far in the trials of it yet,seems to be alittle lean on the pilot at my 1st observation,but up over 1/2 throttle it's quicker than it was over stock carb with mods.

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