Terra Tire - gear ratio question..

I have a rear Dunlop 606 tire with a 14-45 gear ratio and want to keep that approx gear ratio. If I go to the terra tire (and which size should I get to fit my bike?) the smallest front sprocket I can find is the 14 that I have on there now. So what rear sprocket size should I get to kind of keep that ratio. Thanks.

What size is the 606?

I ride mostly tight stuff around here , so I like 14/52. I kept my same rtio when I went to tera. ( Oring chain) If I were you, I'd try it first before spending $ on sprokets/chain. my .02.

BTW; I'm not real sold on my tera yet. It will roost nicely but doesn't seem to bite as good as the mich dessert I replaced. Might go back to mich or trim out some of the knobs on tera .I ride 95% dirt.

Up 3 in the back, or down 1 in the front.

That tire is HUGE!


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