WR stator onYZ

i have done the searches and got the info, but on the pdf file from electrexusa im creating a 2nd lighting feed so the stator can wire up to the dakar kit i dont need this can i just snip the pink wire and put the cdi/plug end to ground as per the sheet and leave the windings as they are???

Wish I could help ya. I got mine from Electrex pre-modified. I only have one yellow power wire coming out of mine.

When I installed mine I believe it was the pink wire to ground. I was a bit worried when the instructions said to ground that wire, but after speaking to them on the phone, they confirmed it was right. You could always shoot them an email if your still not comfortable with it... they are pretty good at replying to the emails.

I did it to the instructions, and it worked perfectly.

Bear in mind, this works only up to and including the 426. Nothing forward of the shifter on the left side of the two 450's will interchange.

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