Runs good but......

My 2001 YZ426. Stock except for an FMF Ti4 pipe. Not sure on the jetting.

The bike starts easy, has great power but....when riding at a steady RPM, say down a dirt road or whatever, it misses. It only does this when holding a steady RPM. I've only had this bike for about 2 months and I'm new to Yamaha's so I don't even know where to begin.

My buddy also bought a used 01 YZ426 at about the same time I did and his does the same thing.

Any suggestions?

I am guessing this is not WOT steady rpm and is at a cruising speed.

You need to lower your needle one position. If that does not help, raise it one postition. If it runs good evefrywhere else, but misses at a cruise speed, the needle is most likely off. It sounds a little rich.

I thought this was something there was nothing you could do about and that we just had to deal with... :applause:

I recall something about a side effect of the type of carburetor they used...

You can lessen it, but I don't think you can get it to go away completely.

It can be fixed.

Wyatt - Thanks, I'll take a look at the position of the needle.

Overrdrve - Your statement makes me think that this is a common issue on this bike. Especially since my friend's bike does the same thing.

Any other opinions? GreyRacer?


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