YZ 125-YZF 426 Suspension swap.

Hi guys, I can get some some modified forks and a technoflex shock in mint condition from a 2002 125. I'm wondering if they will fit my 2002 426. I wil use them in a Supermoto.

(so I can still go out dirtbikin' with my original suspension).

Is there a big difference (other then softer springs).

Ya think it'll properly work?


SM takes a completely different valving set up....... MUCH STIFFER AND SLOWER. You might be able to get them to work as your dirt set up though and send out the stockers for SM set up. Yes they will bolt up.

Tnx man.

I'll give the trick suspension a try though. Maybe the valve opening range goes wide enough to deal with the SMR demands.

I'll go get them this WE and pop 'em right in.


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