yellow plastic on yz426f ...

b-bike <- thanks for the info!

i thought the yellow decals on the blue tank would look a bit odd, but how close do one have to get to notice it?

That depends on how much you pay attention to detail.

I'm a detail type of person and I didn't have to get very close to notice the

blue tank under the yellow stickers. However with that being said, One industries

has done a great job of building tank graphics to make the blue tank look good.

(just another shameless plug for One Industries :ride: )

Like I said before, I'm glad I went the extra mile and put the Clarke tank on.

To me, that makes the "Hurricane Project" PERFECT :applause:


Yes I do...

I did the "Hurricane" project this summer.

This is what my bike looked like before...






The outfit I bought my One Industries kit from is MX South.

I highly recomend them. They were the best aftermarket supply house I've delt with EVER :bonk:

MX South

I do recomend getting a yellow tank from Clarke. It is almost a perfect fit (had to make a few mods to the stock yamaha tank mount brackets in order to get them to fit on the Clarke tank). When your finished putting the graphics on the tank you'll love the "All Yellow" tank rather then the blue tank covered with yellow graphics. :thumbsup:

Let me know if I can help in any way. :thumbsup:


Where did you get the seat cover ? All I can find with the kit is solid black :bonk:

when i asked some store i think they said that the multi colored seat cover were sold out, and no more coming in .. or was it only for the 250/450?

If anyone has the muti color seat or seat cover for sale or trade, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Thanks !

Hey b-bike did those swingarm and fork decals come with the kit? Any fender graphics come too?

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