W.E.R dampener

Hey guys does anyone run the Works enduro rider steering dampener? Is it worth the 300 bucks? What kinda difference does it make? night and day? I ride east coast PA, rocky, roots, ruts, nasty stuff... thanks guys

I run one on my "R" and like it. I like the fact that it is mounted below the headlight out of the way. But, I also have a Scott's on my CR250 and if I had to choose between the Scott's and WER I would pick the Scott's. It is more expensive, but it has more adjustment. The WER doesn't have much adjustment, so I run 10W oil in it and forget about it. With the WER, if you want more dampening, you just run a heavier oil.

D36 what kinda difference did it make on your R? Was it worth the money? I think that my pig is very stable at just about any speed and dont know if it would really make that much of a difference to me. I would like to know your opinoin on how it changed the handling for you and your 650r? Thanks

On the 650, a dampener is not a necessity, but it will save you energy if you ride nasty stuff. I had the WER dampener laying around off of an old CR250, so I put it on. Any dampener will help with riding in rocks, roots, tree limbs, anything that can take the bars out of your hands. You said you ride nasty stuff, so if you are clipping along through a rock bed or a trail with a bunch of roots, the dampener will help keep the bars straight. If the front tire comes off a rock or root wrong, it can jerk the bars out of your hands or cause you to use more forearm strength to keep the bars straight. Hope that helps.

Hey D36 thanks for the input! I think you made my mind up and Im gonna get a W.E.R dampener, It seems alot of guys on here perfer the scotts, Im not made of money and price of the W.E.R is justifiable, I had one other question I forgot to ask, How does it mount on the frame of the 650r? do you have to drill holes? I had a buddy that had one on his cr250 and he had to drill a hole in the frame, Thanks

The bracket for the d.a.m.p.e.n.e.r is held on my 2 steel pop rivets, so you have to drill the head tube in 2 spots. The best thing to do is remove the front fender and mount the unit. Make sure the arm clears the frame and mark the two locations on the head tube. After you have marked the spots to drill, remove the forks and steering stem so you can drill the holes.

Manufactuer for the WER steering damper is in NJ, I hope to get my XR650R fitted with a custom mount since I put a set of Ohlins USD forklegs onto my XR.

it's a steering damper. d.a.m.p.e.r :ride:

yup, the dino-man is right ... 'damper' :applause:

yup, the dino-man is right ... 'damper' :applause:

:p It's both/either:


damp·er n.

1. One that deadens, restrains, or depresses: Rain put a damper on our picnic plans.

2. An adjustable plate, as in the flue of a furnace or stove, for controlling the draft.

3. A device in various keyboard instruments for deadening the vibrations of the strings or a mute for various brass instruments.

4. A device that eliminates or progressively diminishes vibrations or oscillations, as of a magnetic needle.



v. damp·ened, damp·en·ing, damp·ens

1. To make damp.

2. To deaden, restrain, or depress: “trade moves... aimed at dampening protectionist pressures in Congress”

3. To soundproof.

Or, just call it a stabilizer. :ride:

:ride: It's both/either:...

Or, just call it a stabilizer. :applause:

You can also spell aluminum with an extra "i" (aluminium) like the brits, but that don't make it right! :p

Scotts, GPR, WER.. all call there product a damper on their websites.

Google WER damper = 19,300 hits.

Google WER dampener = 148 hits.


Hey thanks for the spelling check ASSHOLEASAURUS!!

A dampener is someone who pours water on your bike :applause:

Hey thanks for the spelling check ASSHOLEASAURUS!!

Anytime Pigryder! :applause:

( Btw, it's: R.I.D.E.R :ride: )

I like the constant feeling of damping from the Scotts unit, it has both slow and high speed damping. The WER kicks in with high speed hits that might wrench the bars from your hands. The WER basicly feels like it's not there until you need it. Woods guys seem to prefer the WER, you can get the same affect from the Scotts by turning down the slow damping or left hand knob.I've had both but for the desert I like the Scotts set up.

Thank you guys for your input on the matter, and for those that just wanted to add something that really related to NOTHING but showing what kinda DICK that person could be, obviously is not much of a rider if he is spending his time on the computer correcting people for things he knows absolutely nothing about! Oh and thumpasaurus this is not related to you cause your cool! :applause:

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