Graphics unsticking

Anyone got any suggestions as to what glue I should use to restick my aftermarket graphics which have started to peel around the edges?



I have heard that 3M SPary Adhesive works real well. For me it's Super Glue and when I need to take it off use fingernail polish remover to loosen them up.



01 YZ426F, 99 YZ400F, 86 XR250, 76 RD400, 71

Heavily Modified Z50

I use the 3M adhesive --- works great!!!!

I would suggest 3M also. I was on a forum like this for people in the printing business when I was researching making my own graphics, and there was a lot of talk about how to make graphics stick to plastic gas tanks for dirtbikes. All the printing companies who had success used 3M stock and adhesives.


3M spray adhesive works great.

So 3M spray it is!!

Anyone know where I can get some in the UK?

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