Stator Rewind???

has anyone rewound their stator themselves??? i'm in the process of building a street tard out of my 426...i did a search on the stators and i found one post about rewiring it yourself..i've wound stators before, it was just on a 50...has anyone done this on the yamaha yet?? is it difficult?? it is a four post stator correct?? are all four posts wound??

???? well, i think i've seen the stock stators online...they're four post and they're all wound?? but the electrex stator just uses two for lighting and two for ignition?? is this impossible to do the conversion on the stock stator?

The stock stator is a 4 post... and its completly wound for iginition, so I doubt you can modify it. I have the one from Electrex USA and it uses 2 posts for lighting and 2 for ignition. If you have to buy a new one, I would reccommend getting the modified WR flywheel and stator. It puts out twice as much voltage as the Electrex USA model.

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