Hinson for 2006 450

I was thinking of full Hinson clutch.

Someone who has one (Gray?), please tell me what you think of it and how it feels compared to OEM.

Isn't the basket most important? Does one really need the inner hub and pressure plates? I take the billet cover is mostly bling even though it may dissipate heat better and will stay nicer looking.

2006 parts #s: H216 basket, H198 inner hub, H099 pressure plate, C196 clutch cover

Are GYTR clutch parts made by Hinson?

ive wondered about hinson also doesn it peform better than stock.stock seams to be just fine.

Yamaha has a decent OEM clutch, never had problems. But Hinson is state of the art and with Hinson basket you can eliminate aluminum shavings that contaminate your oil. I'm only wondering what the other parts are good for.

Or should I get the GYTR clutch:

Basket: GYT-5XD56-10-00 and Clutch Kit (plates, actuator, O-ring): GYT-5TA56-30-00 :applause:

The Hinson clutch will make the clutch last alot longer.It will also provide better feel.Since the basket has groves, more oil can get to the clutch plates.

And yes, GYTR parts are made my Hinson.

Here are my opinions. First, the whole thing all at once is a lot of money! But you can save at least $150, or as much as $300, by buying the same parts under the GYT-R name. Hinson makes the stuff for them. The boss, or center hub, is probably the least important of all to have, unless your old stocker is really beat up, or you're constantly changing clutches out like you would on a pro bike, in which case the Hinson/GYT-R boss would be a more durable part to work on repeatedly. Otherwise, I'm not sure how much it really contributes to the operation.

The basket is simply tougher than stock. The stock one works perfectly well when it's new, but won't hold up as long as the Hinson, and so, will not be as smooth in operation for as long as the Hinson will. This will affect mostly the release operation, but can also work against smooth engagement.

The pressure plate is actually one of the more essential elements in curing poor release, and/or chattering/harsh engagement problems.

On the '03 model the plate kit offered by Yamaha (GYT-R) is again, Hinson plates, but includes a later clutch actuator arm that makes the clutch pull a lot lighter. I can easily operate mine with two fingers. The springs, of course, are just better.

On the whole, I can tell you without a doubt that my Hinson is the single best clutch I've ever had in any motorcycle, period. It's two finger easy, never slips, smooth as butter on engagement, and I can find neutral easily, hot or cold. It doesn't seem to care how hard I use it, or how hot it gets, it works the same, regardless, even after twenty minutes of rock crawling has left the radiators barfing their guts out. Is that worth $7-800? It just might be.

But, Yamaha has improved the 450 clutch quite a bit, too. I think I'd wait and see what the '06 clutch was capable of or what its shortcomings really are before I decided to cure a problem it may not have. The '03 clearly needed help, your new one might not. Let us know, OK? :applause:

Thank you for your replies guys,

that was very informative. As my concern really is the stock basket shavings, not the durability or smoothness of operation of the clutch, I might only invest in a Hinson/GYTR basket together with a Scotts oil filter and a magnetic drain plug. I have a feeling this new bike will stay in house for some years. We all know fresh oil (and clean airfilter) is the best we can give our bikes.

And thanks gray for your earlier comments too, this forum could have more of your kind :applause:

...my concern really is the stock basket shavings, ...
In that case, the Hinson or GYT-R basket is a cure. :applause:

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