price check/info on xr600r

i am a newb at riding. i just learned last month and i have been doing dual sport action on this yamaha xt350. well it doesnt have alot of power so i came accross this xr600 that is in good shape and he wants 2700? is that a fair price and, i plan on doing adventure riding so this will include 75mph as well as trails. is this a good bike for this purpose? thanks

here are the posted specs:

1997 Honda XR600R, White brothers suspension, K&N Filter, DMC 2K Stainless exhaust & spark arrestor, desert tank, Works aluminum frame protectors and aluminum skidplate, good tires, CA PLATE but needs signals to be street legal

If the bike is in all around top condition considering it's age, that sounds like a fair price considering the extras. Is the suspension White Power or stock suspension modified by White Brothers? The XR600 is a great bike, I've ridden them on and off for a long time, they are reliable as a hammer as long as the engine is pretty much stock. They are also a comfy scoot for guys like me whose knees are shot and can't stand up for long periods. An Edelbrock carb brings some hidden power to life. Good luck.

I recently bought a 1997 XR600R for 2500.

It was a really clean bike and dual sported, as well. (CA)

I would see if I could get him down a few hundred, then ride the crap out of it.

what does white bros do to suspension? like new spring or shock? is it a brand name?

My '93 came with more extras than that and I only paid $2500.

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