OEM Honda parts all makes/models

Have any of you guys ordered parts from www.servicehonda.com ? This is a great website with all Microfiche for every Honda model ever brought to the states and one of the few places I found Fiche for the XR650R.. I called a local Honda dealer and the prices were less than retail.. Awesome resource for part lookup and pricing.. Just wondering if anybody has used them.. Also, the CR500AF they build looks awesome... :applause:

Yes, I used them for my OEM parts source on a 650L rebuild. Great to deal with, good discounts and the parts lookup on the website is very good. I think minimum shipping is around $8, so it was a good deal with my large parts order and no tax. Just make sure you order the right part for the year. Some of the parts lists have multiple parts listed from other bike years. A friend of mine ordered the wrong transmission bearing for his XR400. Apparently there was a change one year to a different bearing/shaft end diameter and he picked the wrong part number off the list. 20% restocking fee, no returns for items under $10.

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