XR650R? CRF450X? or KTM 525EXC?

Greetings from the AZ Desert :ride:

- Looking for a new bike and wanted to get a few a forum opinions. Current ride is a modified '04 XR650L-- no smog pump; rejetted carb; Yoshi pipe, knobbies, IMS 4 gal tank, 14/48 sprockets. Figure this bike is somewhere around 40HP. I ride about 80% sand/20% street. In this config, the bike has monster torque-- quite happy with the power, as it will get me through any deep sand and hills I come across. What I could do without, however, is the 300lb+ weight of this beast. After an hour or so, this bike becomes a real workout. I'm in good shape, 6' tall, and weigh about 205lbs w/gear on.

- Been thinking about a lighter bike, but don't want to give up the power. I'm considering the XR650R (277lbs), CRF450X (255lbs), and even the KTM 525EXC (249lbs). although the XR650R is only a few lbs less than my "L", I hear rumor that it has gobs more power. As for the other two bikes, I'm assuming that a 50lb reduction in weight would make a big difference off-road. Anyone have HP/torque power-to-weight ratio or other info any of the bikes I'm considering?

- Awaiting your comments/expertise/recommendations! :applause:

Take a look at this chart. It's just a guideline so take it w/ a grain of salt. Ask 10 different people what an XR puts out and weighs and you'll get 12 different answers.


Sounds to me like you need an XR, it's made for the desert racing. One thing to keep in mind are the maintenence intervalls of these bikes. The CRF and KTM are very high strung and require tons of maintenence. The CRF calls for a top end rebuild every 15 or so hours of racing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have both bikes a 525 exc and the xr 650r . The 525 is a lot lighter and has E start .great to ride in the woods has real good power you can lug it down like the xr. The xr has tons of power after uncorking great bike for the desert dependable but to dam heavy and no e start. you need to ride them and see what one works the best for you. :applause:

I own the 525exc and XR650R too. The KTM is an awsome woods bike and does nice in the desert but they do not make a decent long range tank for the 525.

My XR650R has a 4.6 gal tank with a 130 mile range which isn't bad. And it is an awsome desert bike but a bit heavy in the woods when you try to go fast. The XR is king of low end torque and the motor hardly makes an effort when cruising at speed in the desert.

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