WR450F Fuel Mileage

How many mpg on avg. are you guys getting from your WR450's? Also, what is the largest after market tank that can be purchased? Thanks for any info. I'm thinking about going blue, the CRF450X scares me! :applause:

my dad has an 04 wr 450 and has the stock 2.6 gallon tank he has a 90 mile range but if you get an 05 or newer you need to look at an aftermarket tank

I dont know what they were thinking with the 05 and 06 with that 2 gallon tank. My buddy has a new CRF450x and I do like it but not more than the WR. I love the hit of the Yami motor.

I average about 30 to 35 per gal. I guess it depends on Terrain and riding style. A 3.4 gal tank is available, mfd by IMS. I have seen it for $199.

I have an '05 WR450 (and I might add that I LOVE it! :ride: ). It appears that I am averaging around 35mpg. It has a 2.1 gallon tank and I can push about 70-75 miles of hard off road riding out of that. I guess that's decent. :applause: I have entertained the thought of an aftermarket tank as fuel stops aren't always that close in the mountains around here.

On the 05 it's about 25 mpg's, so at 50 miles on a fast pace your on fumes. Reserve is good for about 10 miles at slow speed. The 05 is not the same as the older 450's and needs more fine tuning to get max power and mileage. The small tank for off road use is just wrong! Yamaha can add some extra fuel down low and still be slim.

How many mpg on avg. are you guys getting from your WR450's? Also, what is the largest after market tank that can be purchased? Thanks for any info. I'm thinking about going blue, the CRF450X scares me! :ride:

I just spent Thanksgiving weekend in Jawbone Canyon... we did a 90 mile loop from Jawbone all the way around and through part of the El Paso Wilderness finally ending up in Randsburg... on the way back, we followed the railroad tracks (a little bit shorter & simpler path... especially after drinking a few cold ones).... of course we were WOT all the way back... At any rate, we gassed in Johannesburg.... I can't recall what my mileage was but more than half of the roundtrip was on the first leg.... my buddy and I (both with '05 WR450s) took 1.5gallons each. We both have the Acerbis 3.3 gallon tanks.... this was our first real run on them.... we could have made the entire trip without gassing... better safe than sorry though! If you're looking for a big tank that fits the bike great, the Acerbis is it! :applause:

I'd estimate my MPG, around 35 MPG...

I have the acerbis on my 05 , and it is a great tank...buy it now.... :applause:

Depends on what altitude I am jetted for and what kind of riding I am doing. If I am jetted lean and taking it a little easy at 12000 feet I can get 35 mpg. If I am jetted for 3000 and haulin I get 25 mpg

Holy crap! Where in Texas do you ride 12,000 feet? I'd be waiting for my oxygen mask to drop.

can get about 82 miles 04 WR450

I get about 40 mpg on my 03 WR

Then &%$#@! is wrong with my bike, the last two rides I had to switch to reserve at 30 miles. I'm running a 168 main and a 45 pilot. Any one having the same mileage? I only wish I could get 30-40 mpg.


Check to ensure that you aren't dumping gas out of the carburetor via the overflow drain. My 2003 WR450F got from a low of 30MPG when riding hard, tight trails in mostly 1st through 3rd gear to 50MPG when riding on dirt roads and open, smooth two track trails where I could say in 5th gear for the majority of the ride. Also, that was with 14/52 gearing, not the stock 14/50 gearing. My experience has been that with stock gearing and running along in 5th gear for long periods, our 450's would make gasoline rather than use it. I would say 40 MPH for all around riding conditions would be a very good rule of thumb, however. I used 40MPG as the average when I calculated available fuel for a days ride.

The best large tank is the Acerbis 3.4 Gal tank. The tank is reasonably priced, available from any motorcycle shop, narrow, well made, has a right-hand side fuel shutoff valve that won't catch on fire (can you say IMS) and comes in blue, white and natural. I bought the blue tank and it looks great. The GYT-R tank sold through Yamaha dealers is made by Acerbis and is EXACTLY the same tank as the Acerbis tank, only much more expensive. I just switched the Acerbis big tank from my now sold 2003 WR450F to my new 2006 WR450F, which after one weekend in the SoCal desert seems to get about the same MPG as the 2003 WR450F did.

I did 45 miles in a varied ride, up and down, using 1/3 of the time 5th gear, 1/3 1st gear, and 1/3 2nd gear. Took 1.5 gals to refill to the top. So, that makes 30 mpg.

I consistently switch over to reserve @ 45-50 miles. The stock tank sucks! I've been looking for the Acerbis in blue, but they're on back order until mid-February. May have go clear.

My 05 with stock tank and 168 main will do about 65 miles safely. I've done 68 without running dry on reserve.

Thanks BajaFool, That really helped, I'm thinking about pulling the carb tonight and checking the float level. My last ride was a rough one, 1st-3rd gear, single track mostly, and hammered the throttle most of the time but, compared to 45 miles riding in the desert and not switching to reserve at all it got me wondering. So it's making more since now thanks again. :applause::ride::p

30 mpg riding woods and hills trails is about right. 25 mpg for eastern racing. :applause:

Ya but, what about 15 miles/ gal.

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