WR450 crankshaft & YZ450 crankshaft

Anyone know if the 2003 WR450 crankshaft is the same as the 2003 YZF450's ? Do they weigh the same? Are the part numbers different? Or will any other year WR/YZF450 crankshaft drop in the 2003 WR450 engine. Thanks for any info. on these parts.

The crank pin and left side crank on the 03 are the same but the flywheel side of the crank is different so I would say it is a no go. The 04 and newer WR/YZ bikes have slightly larger diameter cranks! So you better just order factory crank for the 03 WR. :applause:

Thanks for the info. I was wondering what was or if any difference because I'm looking (ebay) for a new or used crank to be sent out for stroking. I don't want to tear down my engine untill I have all the goodies ready to go. So now I'll only look at WR cranks! After I build the WR, I'll drop the original WR crank into my 04 YFZ450 quad and make that a true 450. :applause:

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