YZF450 crankshaft same as WR's

Anyone know if the 2003 WR450 crankshaft is the same as the 2003 YZF450's ? Are the part numbers different? Do they weigh the same? Or will any other year WR/YZF450 crankshaft drop in the 2003 WR450 engine. Thanks for any info. on these parts.

according to: http://yamahapart.com/ its the same part number ...

edit: for the whole crank assembly that is ...

The right side crank part numbers are different.

2003 YZ450 has a 5TA-11412-00-00

2003 WR450 has a 5TJ-11412-00-00

the taper on the crank for the fw is different(yz-wr),from what i was told :applause:

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