thinking about modifying the front sprocket

I just bought a 15 tooth front sprocket for my 03' yz450. So I will have a 15/49 combo. But it sure seems a bit heavier than the 14 sprocket. So I was thinking about drilling a few holes in it to decrease some rotational weight. Would this throw off any balance in design that went into the sprocket? What I mean is does the holes have to be strategically drilled to maintain a rotational balance? I know it may seem weird but could be important so I dont put unneccessary strain on transmission parts,etc by having a lopsided sprocket spinning. thanks for any input.

It is a good idea to balance the hole pattern to maintain the rotational balance center. Drill away but leave some meat on the sprocket because if it blows apart you could crack your engine case or even damage your transmission! :ride:

I would look into a Titanium chain first and leave the sprocket alone IMO. :applause:

I wouldn't bother with drilling it. Your not going to save that much weight. You won't be able to tell a difference in the weight.

renthal makes one thats already drilled :applause: and dan i'm not real sure if that sidewinder "ti" chain actually has anything to do with titanium? its heavier than my DID x-ring that was on before it. it may be an alloy of sorts, if thats even possible. it lasted a good while before i had to tighten it.(way longer than the DID)

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