best clutch

what is the best clutch plates for a 2001 yz 426 no problems yet but just in case ??????????????

Ferodo makes good fibers.

where can i find that clutch kit at well price cause i checked there website found no pricing

Ferodo is distributed by Motorcycle Stuff. You can probably locate a dealer thru there website.

Hinson.Almost every pro racer runs them.If it is good enough for pretty much every factory team it is good enough for any one of us.

I have an obscene ammount of time on my stock '00 YZ426 clutch. Thought for sure it'd be dead by now so I have everything I need to change it in my parts box everywhere I go. Still working strong though and when it finally dies a set of stockers are going back in. Or course, I've never been much of a clutch user anyway, that's why I switched to a four stroke in the first place, fits my habits better. :applause:

I'll second the stocker stuff!We just seem to get longer life from them!

There are a few things that we buy just the stocker stuff,clutch,brake pads,chain sliders and so on.For us they just seem to last better. :applause:

what is the best clutch plates for a 2001 yz 426 no problems yet but just in case ??????????????

Umm, you got four years on your stock one with no problems. I think you just answered your own question. :applause:

Hinson, unquestionably #1.

My very close #2 is the OEM Yamaha plates.

Buy them through the TT store. It will cost you $10 for a year's membership, and then you'll save $60 over retail just on the clutch plates.

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