2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

any pictures of the gray wire on the 06 450 ,, I did the throttle stop today and that alone doubled what it was stock,, so I'm starting to get happy ,, front tire came off the ground ,, I actually had to use the brakes,, ,, so any pictures of the gray wire or a exzact location .


I haven't done the gray wire mod as of yet ,, just with the throttle stop cut ,, the bike will lift the front wheel in 4th gear on a straight,, I can go thru the whoops in 3-4 wide open ,, the front end is realy mushy and the choke races high when I use it ,, is the anyway to adjust the choke and the front end,, I guess the supension is all around soft ,, I weigh around 185,, and is the stock tire any good ?,,, and why would this bike be better suited for the woods than a mx bike ,, it didn't do anything better than my rmz.

The owners manual realy sucks,, I know stiffer springs will probably cure this problem ,, but for now what can I try .

thanks for the pictures ,, how come the choke revs up so much? any way to adjust it

I have another question,, andit won't be my last,, as I'm on the gas lets say in 2nd in the woods ,, when I let off it sounds like the bike's R's are still up ,, is this normal

I saw the guide on jetting on the first page of this thread ,, but my question is ,, when I order the JD jet kit ,, will it come with what I need ,, when I buy the kit from the thumper store it doesn't ask where I live and the elevation.

I'd recomend just going to your local Yami dealer and ordering the jets from them. They are about 5 bucks and it's all you need. Much cheaper unless you need the AIS kit, but they will also be able to locate or order this kit as well.

I'd recomend just going to your local Yami dealer and ordering the jets from them. They are about 5 bucks and it's all you need. Much cheaper unless you need the AIS kit, but they will also be able to locate or order this kit as well.

Actually, I'd order the jets from Zanotti's in Pennsylvania. You local dealer is likely not to carry some of the stuff you need, and Zanotti's will get it to you quicker and cheaper. Read this thread too...SC

Here mate


you don't have to change jets every time you go for a ride, just get it right and then don't touch. Sorry but you have to change the jets and needle to get it to run right, especially after you do the free mods. It is easy to do.

You only have to do the airbox mod, grey wire mod and throttle stop mod. Get the AIS removal kit too. Our bikes in Australia don't have AIS.

For the airbox, pull out the snorkle under the seat. Take off the right side numberplate and you can see the airbox. Get a knife and cut out the two indented shapes.

For jetting your bike, order a JD jetting kit and a Zip-ty fuel mixture screw right away!

As for installation of the needle and jets, I have found the easiest way is to undo the airbox boot and remove it from the back of the carby. Undo the front clamp on the rubber joint in front of the carby closest to the motor and pull the carby off the motor.

This will give you enough room to move the carby around to get to the top and bottom.

Read your manual to see what jet is what. You only need to change the pilot jet, main jet, the needle and swap the fuel screw for a Zip-ty adjustable one.

The zip-ty fuel screw is a must, you can't get to the fuel mixture screw as the starter motor is in the way.

Jd jetting kit comes with 2 needles (red and blue) and 4 main jets. you only need to get a 48 pilot jet.

As a starting point, put in a 48 pilot jet, 168 main jet and JD red needle on the 4th clip.

Hi guys!

I just bought the AIS removal kit and the instructions included are extremely lousy. Apparently in this threat there is an instructions link but it appears to be broken and not taking anywhere.

Does anyone recall any other place with more detailed instructions and hopefully pictures?


Which kit did you buy, TT or GYTR? For the TT kit, here are some links...SC

Link 1

Link 2

Heres the power stuff done to my 06 WR450 so far..

White Brothers Carbon Pro Full System

Barnumspro Airbox Side Filter Kit

Twin Air Filter Cage

Twin Air Power Filter


JD Jet Kit

Zip Ty Fuel Screw

Power Now / Power Now Plus Carb System

Some things Ive been looking into but havent seen here is the YZ Exhaust Cam upgrade & Accelerator Pump (AP) mod..

Any good how to links or comments on them ?

Thanks - Mike

I just got the throttle stop today and wanted to know if you have to changed the jetting on the carb or could you just change the throttle stop and run as is. I guess I should have ordered the whole kit.

Great information in these posts, thanks to all. I'm a newby and just bought a new 2006 WR450. My concern at the moment is cold starting the bike. I have yet to start it using the electric only, I always have to kick start it. Once it's started, it runs (what I think) is fine. I've read about all the mods I can do down the road but what is the easiest way to make the mixture richer and get this puppy to start with the magic button? The local dealer says they can do something for ~$40.00 but it would be nice to do it myself.

dosent that just piss u off about bikes - imagine if you bought a new car and it wouldnt start and the dealer said it will cost $500 for us to fix that little problem

I purchased the GYTR AIS removal kit from the Yamaha dealer for my 2006 WR450. I got up the nerve to do all of the mods except the carb needle, pilot jet, and throttle stop mod. I can say that the other mods have helped tremendously with the cold-start problem I was having and there is a noticeable power increase with these alone. The directions for the carb mod are not that clear and I don't want to start these mods if I can't complete them. :excuseme: Does anyone know of a post that details the steps for the needle and pilot jet replacement? :applause: The big exploded views of the carb in the user manual don't give me any more confidence either!

Click on the WR Performance Index sticky link, then go to ARin's excellent jetting tutorial.

Excellent, I knew it was buried in here somewhere, thanks for the pointer.

Hi People, this is my first message and i'm relativly new to this, but I have recently purchaced a 06 WR450 and am now looking at the jetting since i've done a few of the minor mods, i've been looking over the jetting guide's etc and have one probably simple question, does the jetting size change with different octane fuel's? i will be running at 0-2000ft and the regular pump fuel of 96-98 octane, and does anyone here use leaded fuel? as I have a plentifull supply of it where I work. Thanks

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