I got a small issue with my idle screw on my WR 450, its not wanting to increase the idle, when I turn it and I can see that there's still room for adjustment.

This just happened out of the blue?

Is this the first time with the bike, just bought it?

No I have had the bike about a year bought it new in 05.;

Take off the plate on the right side of you carberator. Underneath that plate is a small wheel with 2 cables hooked up to it. When you turn your idle thumb knob, it should push on that wheel and cause it to rotate.

If all of this looks normal, then you need to pull your carberator and check you pilot jet, and your pilot adjustment screw.

Since you're pulling your carb, research the Jetting Database Sticky post and set up you carb according to the specs in there. :applause:

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