xtra chain links

i put my paddle tire on a couple weeks ago to hit up the sand dunes.....the paddles would slighty touch the swingarm holder and ripped out the flapper to prevent sand/dirt get easy access to the air box intake.....was wondering if anyone had some extra chain links with a master link i could buy (would also pay for shipping) as i cannot find any at the local MX stores. its a tsubaki 520 chain. Thanks for any replies

Your email is a week too slow! I just cleaned out the garage and threw out a handful of DVD VM and ERV2 x-ring links. If any more turn up then I'll post back, but I think I threw away all that I had. :applause:

I have about 6 links from a DID Xring chain, but no master links spare... you can have it for the cost of shipping if you're interested and cant find something local...

ok...nevermind guys, i got someone to get me a deal on a new chain....thanks for the help tho

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