Cycra ProBend STD? Cycra ProBend Pro taper?

I have stock handelbars on my '01 WR426, I'm wanting to install the Cycra ProBend alloy handguards. I saw a Cycra handguard racer pak that states it has everything I need and is simple and convenient (heard that one before). Will these work on my bike without too much trouble? I've heard of Right-Fit clamp sets, Link sets, rubber bar end sets, triple-clamp mounts, etc. What should I be looking for specifically? Will the racer paks that are already made up work or not? I think they ran about $94.95 - $109.95.




It depends on which type of mount is in the racer pak i.e. triple clamp mount, hand bar mount (Pro-Taper, standard).

I like my Pro bend but dont like the triple clamp mount (no adjustability, wouldn't fit). I went with the GYTR triple clamp mounts. I will say though that the GYTR mounts can bend....

Good luck!

Mr T


You still have stock bars? Golly…

The bar-end mounts that come with the Cycras may be too small. I do know they fit the ID of most aluminum bars (except Twinwalls) perfectly, but I’m thinking the stock steel bars will have thinner walls and thus a larger ID (like the Twinwalls).

The “rubber bar end sets” Cycra gives you are little more than pieces of fuel line, a bolt, and a nut. I love Cycras but they need to address the larger bar end ID (Twinwalls, stock bars) issue better (not that anybody else has).

When I had twinwalls I tried several things, all of which were better than the fuel line fix, and all involved different ways to increase the OD of the aluminum wedges that grip the ID of the bars. Just wrapping them in duct tape worked pretty good actually, but I have triple clamp mounts so they are mounted more sturdily on the other end…

I don’t remember paying as much as you mention, but the kit they sell can be made to fit your bike reasonably well IMO, a little bending may be in order to achieve the desired results due to the position of your controls, bar bend, length etc. but they fit much better than any other bark buster I have installed (Eline, Moose, Fredette, Acerbis). Incidentally they do give good phone so you may just give them a call. They are pretty knowledgeable about installation issues (I guess that depends on who answers the phone though) but they were not aware of the Twinwall ID being larger and didn’t really have any stellar advice as far as that goes when I called them about it. But in my experience they do try hard to be helpful.

The triple clamp mounts are another sixty or seventy dollars, but I think they are well worth it.

As for the which TC mount to get (GYT-R or Cycra) I agree with the other guy, I have bent my GYT-R mounts, but I also bent the Cycra mounts. The latter aren’t as adjustable and have a blind, tapped hole that I pulled the threads out of when I bent it so I had to drill it out. If you don’t cut your bars I discovered that the Cycra TC mounts are a tight fit but as was already stated the GYT-R things offer more adjustability in that area. I also had to machine the corner off the Cycra mounts to get them to mount flush to my top clamp. Advantage, GYT-R.


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