Reduced Ratio Throttle Plate-XR600R

Cant think of a better phrase to describe it.

I already sent an Email to Scott Summers-but he being a busy person whatnot-I'll ask the group as insurance.

Scott wrote some years back about a throttle plate he used on the XR600-which alters the ratio when cracking the throttle, to the effect that you have more throttle control off idle. The price I remember was like 60 or 70 bucks-but I dont remember who made it, and searches are not coming back as useful-anyone....anyone?

Thumper racing.

Im not sure they make them anymore

Try bajadesigns - they had a big store of thumperracing XR600 bits - however it is getting low.

I have one on my 2000 model XR628. It might make a difference but to tell you the truth I will be ditching it soon for and FCR with a CRF450R cable system.

If you want a buy the whole carb with the plate already expoxied on let me know.

There is a throttle tube that does this as well.

Throttlecam system? something like that.


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