Proper jetting for e series? (or is this even jetting?)

Playing with my new to me '02 L over the weekend, I had issues I'm thinking are jetting related...

It was 35-75 degrees (F), bike is stock with snorkel on the airbox removed, stock but dirty air filter. Riding at 600-1200 feet per GPS. Fuel was from different stations, and was the same as used in another bike on the trip with no issues.

I only had 20 miles on the bike before the weekend, and they were commuting so I hadn't noticed any issues. I did install a new Clarke 4.7 gallon tank (well rinsed and dry before install), but fuel flow seemed to be fine.

Problem was bad bogging at lower rpms, but running fine if I kept the rpm's up. Running the rpm's up, shifting, and getting back on the throttle made the bike bog to the point of almost stalling. Opening the throttle wide open it would stumble and then clear out. Again, keeping the rpm's up it would run fine. If I ran 1/2 choke the bike seemed fine so I'm guessing it runs lean and gets worse when ridden hard maybe? Closest I can compare is when a bike starts to run out of gas and it bogs but may spurt if the throttle is yanked wide open.

No clue what the PO did for jetting if anything. Assuming that's the issue (I'm open to other suggestions), what jetting have others found proper for a stock bike? (I might add a reusable air filter though)


what jetting are you running? Is it completely uncorked? Changed the intake insulator (intake boot) uncorked and 'E' series should have a 68s or 70s (if run wide open) and a 175 or 178 main, with b53e needle. If you removed the air box plugs I bet the rest of the bike hasn't been uncorked. Stock jetting is 65s and 135 main.

No idea what's in there yet. Only "uncorking" I've noticed is removal or the arbox top/snorkel piece and the CA only smog stuff (it was a CA bike).

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