Jetting Help

I am in the process of putting a JD Jetting kit in my back and i am following the carburetor take down instructions in the tech section. I am to the part where it says to take out the throttle screw. There is a picture of the throttle screw but I don't know where it is on the Carb. Can anyone tell me where the stock screw would be and what it looks like?

Also, why can't people put screws in products that don't strip out so easily? I was taking the four screws out to remove the float bowl and one of the heads stripped. Never fails when I try to do something on my bikes a screw always strips.

It is where the throttle cables go into the carb. Take off the plate that the cables go into. The screw stops the disk turning and it is at the back. Turn the throttle and see what stops it turning. it is a allen head bolt, about an inch long that is a dark grey colour.

P.S. Get a good set of screw drivers and use the right size one for the job!

I hear you Braz. I did the same thing on those 4 little screws. Turns out I didn't need to take them out to do the JD kit work.

take the gold screws down the the hardware store, and get some matching SS hex head screws.

Also these screws are made with an exact screwdriver size in mind for their disassembly. If you go in there with a larger or smaller size, that's exactly what can happen. Sorry dude. Just think about how nice and "chiny" your new hardware will look in the bottom of your float bowl..... :applause:

Will an easy out work to get the little screw out?

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