06 WR450 Skidplate recommendations

I used a Moose skidplate on my 04 but wasn't all that happy with it. What do y'all recommend?

I had a "Utah Sport Cycle" on my 99 WR400 and I also use their unit on my 03 WR450. Lots of protection under and around the engine cases plus mag and water pump coverage as well, plus it is reasonably priced.


I get 20% off Yamaha GYTR stuff I picked up the Yami skidplate for 62 bucks and its solid and bolts right on looks mean ass hell

The Devol is the nicest one I've seen.. They're light and give full protection. No heavy clamps are used to install.

Flatland Racing makes a nice one...3 bolts, off and on easily for oil changes.

Another Utah Sport Cycle.

I've got one on my YZF and I've pounded it into stumps, trees, rocks and not had any problems. It's also easy to change oil without having to remove and doesn't make a mess. It's real beefy.


you can see on the left side here how protective it is of the ignition bulge. It's the same way on the right.

Utah Sport gets another vote from me. Awesome is all I can say. :applause:

Cool I am waiting for the UPS truck for the Utah plate.

Utah! :applause::ride:



utah here.

just put the Utah on and a nice fit, happy with it :applause:

Installed my Utah Sport shield on my 06 WR450. Covers alot more than the factory. Easy install. Took me about 45 minutes to remove factory and install new one.

Happy with my decision.

got the devol , looks nice seems strong covers well but the vents in the front collect an unbelievable amount of trash, sage wet dirt grass etc, and helpfull hint if you do get one, it has spacers that go inbetween the plate and the frame, tape the bolt heads to the plate with the spacers installed or you will be cussin all afternoon. !!!

MSR. Available through any dealer from Tucker Rocky.

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