2003 Wr450 Starter Modification

I just bought a 03 WR450 and have read about the starter problems. Was this a problem with all 03's or did Yamaha address the problem before the end of that production year and if so can you tell by looking at the Vin# ?

All 2003 WR450F's had the problem. You can't determine anything from the VIN concerning whether a bike wil have a failure, it seems to be random but frequent bad luck. The 2004 WR450F's have the updated parts in them that eliminated the problem. The decision to change or not to change the affected parts all comes down to "How lucky do you feel?". My fly wheel spun in the garage --- I guess I was lucky that day.

Do a search in this forum for "woodruff key" and "04 starter upgrade". You'll likely find more info than you care to read.

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