'00 600R exhaust fit a '01 650L

Been posting and looking for a good deal on exhaust for my xr650L, Santa is gonna bring it to me. Wanted a WB e series, but no find yet, But I have found a Supertrapp IDS2, but not for a L, but they do have one for a '00 600R. Will exhaust for a 600R fit my L?? and are you sure??

Good price of $179.

I've heard people say they've done it. I'm *sure* I've heard people say it.

That's as close as I can get you...


My yosh system was designed for the XR600R.

I don't think it matters for a slip on, in fact I am sure it does not.

Headers on the other hand are different. The XR600R headers do not fit the XR650L without modifications, at least the yosh header needed some extra clearance for the frame oil drain bolt.


If you go to the supertrapp website they should have an application guide. I'm pretty sure its the same part for both bikes.

yes, the Supertrapp IDS2 for the XR600 fits the XR650L perfectly, I have it, and its a very good pipe, you'll like it :applause:

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