Simple jumping question.. (I think..)

I am now starting to try this jumping thing. Never did the motocross stuff and am thinking of going to the track and trying it out.

Assuming different jumps have different take off angles, where should I position my body on take off? Centered over the pegs? Leaning forward (head over the handlebars), leaning back?

This is assuming that the landing is angled as well (not a flat landing).

Just want to minimize the broken bones and bent parts. lol!



It is almost impossible to answer this question. Your right it depends on speed, distance required, angle of jump face, etc, etc.

Your body position is sound, start on small jumps at low speeds, build your speed and the jump size. Whatever you do, DO NOT let off on the jump face. The compression braking will throw you over the bars, guaranteed :)



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Commitment is important. If you are gonna go for it, don't second guess, give it the gas like Bill said. Start small as well. Find the smallest table top you can find and start from there. Once you are landing on the downslope cleanly every time pick a bigger one. Once you got the tabletops down, find small double that is the same distance or close in length to the small tabletop. Remember (thanks Bill), a double ie similar to a tabletop with the middle removed. I just learned this year and man it is fun. Good luck. You will probably get some good advice from some of the more experienced jumper and MX guys here. You also may want to post this on the YZ side. I think they do a little more jumping than the WR side.


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*Disclaimer: I've never ridden motocross and I am NOT an expert jumper.*

As much as we don't want to admit it, jumping is an important aspect to high-speed off-road riding. The times I have gotten the biggest air were by accident. Hidden jumps have just about caused me to crash on several occasions, but so far I haven't busted it on a jump. Recently, I have gotten a lot better at it. Body position is definitely important to help maintain control. I have found that riding in "the attack position", elbows bent, butt off the seat, knees bent, and head over the cross bar, is the best postion to ride in in just about all conditions. And if you hit a jump in this position, you will be better off. From there, it's easy to shift your weight a little forward. (Look at supercross jumpers-they are always standing on the pegs with their head over the front wheel while in the air.) It becomes second nature after a while and large bumps and jumps are a lot more fun and a lot less intimidating.

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Rich hit the nail on the head.

I have found that on the steep launch ramps, I have been way over the bars. This position easily allows the front of the bike to be dropped, no rear brake tapping required.

The attack position is the most forgivable when encountering unexpected air time.


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