2003 yz450f clutch cover

I have a 2003 yz450f and the guy i bought it from had 5 hrs of riding around his yard. never saw a jump and i bought it for 2400 and the thing is brand new. This may sound really like im a neat freak or somthin but i dont want to scratch up my clutch cover with my boots b/c of how new it is. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to maybe stop this? :applause: Please help

Umm you could cover it with some sort of decal or sticker but then you are protecting something no one will ever see so Im not sure of the point. I say scratch it to hell let ppl know you ride the bike.

Don't ride it and it won't get scratched up :applause:

take the paint off and polish.

take the paint off and polish.

i agree looks way better polished and only takes 5 minutes to repolish whenever

Haha sbracing yeah right

ummm here is an idea ride the bike scratch it all up like normal people do. then it will look like a real bike.

Maybe you shouldnt have bought a bike if your that worried about it getting scratched.

I want to see these newbies bikes! :applause: The polishing thing looks good if you keep after it.just be ready to touch it up every ride!

Im not to worried just hate to see it like that jessica. idk it never botherd me in the past but idk im just ganna leave it and re paint it after it gets really bad.


I've had my bike covered front to back in mud, grunge, cow pie and sticks.

It's a DIRT bike not fine china. :applause:

If you really can't stand the typical scratches/wear, than do as suggested and remove the paint and polish it.

Another option is to remove the paint, repaint with a strong Urethane paint, followed by a lot of clearcoat paint.

I used to be really picky about this also, but after awhile you realize that normal riding is gonna take it's toll, and you forget about it.

I think the only real practical solution is to remove the paint and polish it.

Some people have done the paint removal thing, repainted with Urethane paint followed by lots of clearcoat, but I've been told that that becomes a hassle too because you eventually wear the clearcoat away.

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