How would jetting change if.... ran a WR426 jetted to run well with stock exhaust (baffle out) and then changed your set up by only adding a pro moto insert?

I would think adding an aftermarket baffle would require a drop in main one size as well as raising the needle clip one.

I really dont want to do this but noise regulations force me at this point.

Knowledgable opinions appreciated :applause:

It most likely won't change at all.

You are going to have to ride it and see.

I'd have to agree. You may have to turn the fuel screw in about 1/4 turn at best. Any more than that and I'd be shocked...SC

Just ride it as-is. You may have to adjust the screw like they said, but nothing more.

Muchas Gracias for the replies! In that case I may just keep the insert in my pack in the event I get tangled up with a ranger having a bad day. Pop it in and go!!!!!!

Great idea. Damn the man, just ride :applause: ...SC

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