CRF450X Starter Problems

Anyone having or had problems with the starter not turning over easily on the 450X???

I have read about this problem on CRF's ONLY and not seen anyone come up with a fix.

Problem being is that you think there is a problem with the battery, when infact the battery is OK. When you have a good fully charged battery in the bike and press the e-start, it turns over very slowly.

I have checked the electrical circuit and it seems OK. I am wondering if it might be the starter itself - any suggestions?????

How do you know the battery is good? If you know for sure, isolate and tap the + terminal to the starter and try direct-connecting a relatively high current charger and seeing what happens. Be careful.

I was going to give that a shot tomorrow to try and narrow down things. I want to give the battery another good charge first. Will let you know what I find.

Cheers mate!

OK - I couldn't wait - checked it and put a jumper to the starter motor and same thing happened. So I think the problem is isolated to the starter motor. I will talk to the Honda dealer tomorrow to see if they can further assist and see if it is infact the starter motor see if they will warranty it.

Check the decompression tolerance. If too much compression is held in the cylinder the starter wont turn it over and acts like a low battery. Happened to me.

It's the decompression adjustment, or a batery with one weak cell: it charges, but never gives the correct current (not voltage).

I have checked the decompression tolerance and closed the gap slightly to get it in spec. It is turnining over easier. I am charging the battery now and will re-check it soon. Will let you know more later

The saga continues. After charging the battery I did not get it to turn over as well as it should. Next thing to check - the starter motor. I removed it, cleaned the brushes, then ran it. All is good. Re-installed it and still the same problem. I then re-checked the decompression arm - all is good. I then tightened the decompression arm gap - no real improvements. I am at a loss - any suggestions?????

This is becoming a difficult issue to diagnose. If you can possibly find a good X starter (Known good) to swap out and try, I would do that next. Failing that, could it be a lubrication issue, or something wrong with the internal starting mechanisms inside the engine itself? When you kick it, is it easy to kick?

Try a different battery. could be a crook cell.

It is relatively easy to kick - I do not have another X to compare it to though - I have thought that it might be something internaal - i.e gearing from the starter motor to the crankshaft.

I have also tried different power sources - the battery is not the problem!!!

How does the starter spin outside of the engine? I would say maybe it's something inside the starter solenoid, but you have already eliminated that by applying direct power to the starter and bypassing the electrics. Maybe you could scour Ebay for a parted out X and see if you can't score a starter cheap, that may be less aggravating than splitting the cases ot try to find a cause. Plus, if you end up having ot take the engine apart, you now have a spare starter.

Same happened to me, reduce the decompression gap to .009-.010 down from .013-.014.

Done that - it only improved it for a while. I got my hands on a service manual today and in looking through it I think I have concluded the problem has something to do with the starter motor clutch. I am going to dig into it further next week.

I heard your spose to use a trikle charger to charge the battery. Something about the high voltage surging in all at once with a regular car bat. charger ruins the small bat.

where in az are you located? i'm in avondale and i have a 450x maybe we could get together and try swapping the starter over to make sure it's not bad

Thanks very much for the kind offer, but I am convinced the starter is OK. I am also convinced it is something mechanical (starter clutch). I will be taking it apart to check next week,.

I live in Scottsdale and mostly ride Pima and Dynamite sundays.

Thanks again and have a good day!


hope you find the problem and that it is not an expensive fix. may be when it is fixed ican get up to pima and dynamite and go for a ride with you

What, you don't want to ride with me now that I have to use my kick starter - you have to wait until I get the e-starter fixed??? Just kidding!!! _ heading out there Sunday @8:00am - I have posted the ride on and if you are interested - we have 10 to 12 so far, so we might have to split the groups up.

thanks for the offer but i have a 50th birthday party i'm suppowed to be at for my brother-in-law in san diego. i would sure rather go riding :applause:

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