Decrompression lever missing??

So here goes the first of probably many dumb questions. So I just bought a 95 XR600R. It's my first 'real' dirt bike as I've been riding a KLR650. I bought it from a friend-of-a-friend knowing that I don't know much about the bike but it seems to be in great condition, very clean etc.

I was going through the Haynes manual tonight and familiarizing myself with what is what when I find a loose cable fitting on the top-right side of the engine. I discover that it is for the decompression lever cable. But I have no cable and no lever. I can start this thing without too much trouble. About three cycles of the kick-start and I can feel it 'catch', one good kick and it starts. So what am I missing and why might I be missing it? Is this some kind of common modification or am I looking at getting flung off this thing at some point/broken leg?

Thanks for any help.


One other really 'obvious' question. Is 91 octane what you guys would recommend for the XR600R?

Do you know if this bike has an aftermarket cam? I think I've heard (how's that for vague?) that some aftermarket cams did not utilize the manual decompressor. The manual decompressor is good when you drop/crash or flood the bike, but is not essential and some guys don't use them at all. I ran 91 octane in my 600, I tried up to 93 but found the bike ran just as well with the 91 octane.

This bike has an automatic decompressor mechanism on the cam shaft unless someone removed it. When the cam turns slowly a lobe on the shaft slightly decompresses an exhaust valve which is why you can turn the engine over. Once it starts the shaft turns faster and the centrifugal force retracts the decompressor. Don't worry too much about 'kick back' as there is a safety feature, another part of the same mechanism opens the exhaust valve when the cam shaft turns the wrong way. It can only kick back a little, and the best way to avoid this is to kick it with conviction the first time, sounds like you do that anyway.

You can probably find a second hand lever and cable, as these are little used and the bikes wear out first. I have a couple spare but as thats here in Africa no use to you. Its worth fitting one and very simple to do, as the guy above says they come in very handy when you drop the bike (not that you ever will ;-) and need to clear a flooded carb.

Good luck.

well if it is gone that is a good thing because the only way to get a new one on is to remove the grip and clutch lever,what i have found is that if you buy a replacement lever for the 650r it has the decomp. on the clutch lever so it doesnt take up any extra space on the bars and makes it real easy to use,the aftermarket one is about 22 bucks cheap compared to the stock one for the 600 ,plus you get a clutch lever,you will have to find a cable for you decomp. check ebay buy the whole thing cable and all ,then take the cable and put in the new clutch lever for the 650,you may have to switch the adjuster for the clutch in the lever i think the cable ends are a little smaller for the 650,or just drill it out a little moreto fit it. :applause:

Thanks guys, I'll keep my eyes open on e-bay and see if one comes availible. At least I can keep riding for now without too many worries.

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