Best mod (on a budget)

Well I have saved up a bit of cheese ($350) and I was wondering what you guys thought would be the best mod for my '03. The only thing that I have on it is an upper triple clamp, fat bars, frame guards, and a fuel screw. I was thinking about the DSP power now valve system (both of the inserts) but wasnt sure seeing as its $180 at rocky mountain and even though that is a good price, it is still $180 for two little pieces of aluminum. I dont really know of anything else I could get except for a skid plate and a kickstand. Oh yeah, I ride in the woods, but I am not looking to get a flywheel weight. All input is appreciated.

if i were you, i would put the money on the broken down Kawasaki ... :applause:

suspension revalve

Well I dont have to pay for the broken down KX my dad was already going to fix that. I dont have to pay for anything to get fixed on my bike (I know I am a little spoiled) but I do have to pay for upgrades. Even for the upgrades, he will match whatever I have. For instance, if I want an $800 pipe. If I come up with $400 and give it to him I will get the pipe. We just really have not gotten around to picking up the pieces of it and taking it out to the shop. How much does a suspensio revalve cost?

just go with the rear power now,the front(between carb and cylinder) doesn't do much of anything. put the money from the front one into a boyesen quickshot( much better throttle control) that would leave enough to spring it for your weight,if your not the perfect 160-170 lbs. or if the springs are ok, a tootech subtank works wonders on the 46's :applause: if your springs are correct a revalve (f/r) will take all $350 :ride:

Pro moto billet kickstand is awesome - if i was a woods rider i would definitely buy one! (150).

Fasst Anti-vibration inserts are really nice, and work with or without barkbusters (50 bucks).

Galfer floating wave rotor (front) and wave rotor (rear) - they cool faster and are better in mud b/c they clean out faster and better than stock. Oh, AND they look cool heh (240 for both)

Scotts oil filter (70.00 or so)

just some ideas... I have all these items except the kickstand for my 06 YZ450f and have used them on previous bikes with great results.

good luck,

James, do you have a link for me for the Fasst inserts? -thanks.

I can highly recommend the PMB kickstand.

Galfers and Scotts are on my list :applause:

They have a neat challenge - put one in and not on the other side. You CAN tell the difference, well at least i can. I've been super happy I bought them.

On their site: "Fasst Company will offer a money back guarantee for a period of two months after the date of purchase"

Thanks for the replys, especially mountain man for saving me $90. Is there anything else I should consider? Thus far I think I am going to go with

1. Trail Tech Kickstand (dont have $150 to spend on a kick stand) (will be sacrificed if the water pump kit thing is worth it)

2. Power now plus

3. Boyseen quickshot accelerator pump

4. Not sure about the Boyseen water pump and impeller kit? has anybody used this? does it make a big differance in the narrow nasty trails?

Out of curiosity, what do you have against heavier flywheels, or do you simply already have one?

At $350...

I'd go for an FMF Factory 4.1SL!

I dont really want to get a flywheel weight because if the hit were softer, I think it would take some fun out of the bike. I am not trying to compete or show off, I just ride for fun and like the hard hitting nature of my motor. It is one of the things I liked about 2 strokes and I really want to keep it. Plus, wouldnt it make it harder to wheelie?

I have a trail tech kickstand and it was hands down the best money spent on my bike.

i ran the boyesen water pump on my wr and it helped at lower rpm's and idle,at speed it didn't really make alot of difference. maybe find some used wr rads or save a little bit more for some fluidynes,they are well worth it:thumbsup:

take that money and spend on a mx school

If your riding an '03 in the woods, one of if not the best mods for a lot of people(on a buget or not) is the Rekluse auto clutch. It won't take the hit away and makes your bike virtually stall proof. You can even get the perch adjuster and keep your clutch lever to use as you please. It's a great mod and at $400 is just over the $350 you want to spend. In my opionion it is more than worth it. Most other mods will give you marginal performance gains, but the Rekluse will be a dramatic night and day difference. Do a search on Rekluse or Z-Start. You'll find volumes of info and be hard pressed to find much negative feedback on them.

Id keep saving my money and get the suspension done...

In my dennis kirk catalog on page 458 I saw something called Hardcore Racing Power Blades. They look just like the power now kit (both parts). You can get them both from them for $94 total. When you divide it up thats like half the cost of a power now. They look the same to me. That might be soemthing to think about.

The problem I see with getting the suspension done is that I like to ride the track and I like to ride the trails. I lean towards the trails more because that is the only kind of riding my dad does with me and I want my bike to be good for the track because that is where I go when I ride with friends. Im not about to stop riding with my dad because he is so awsome. After I was starting to get really sad because my 125 had been blown up for 5 weeks and I had not been able to ride 5 weeks (which is the longest I had ever gone) he asks, "Do you still want a 450?" and so after I found one that I was interested in, I rode it, he asked if I wanted it and he got it for me. So I guess what I am trying to say is there is no way on earth I am going to give up trails, and I thought that when you get your suspension revalved, they revalve it for your weight, riding style, and type of riding.

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